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Recipient has not yet shared any information.

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Thanks BC Clark and thank you to my husband and my big boy for finding this for me!! It made my sweet Bry’s day by finding this for his momma!! ?
~ Laura

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Pop Up Shops
Hafer Park


Got it!! Thank you BC Clark Jewelers!! #payitmomward
~ Kristina

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The Cat Show / JBF Sale
OK State Fair Park


Thank You! I found it ?? #payitmomward #bcclarkjewelers
~ jolieangel

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Quail Springs Mall


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

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Will Rogers Theatre
Listen To Your Mother OKC Event


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

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Uptown Grocery


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 8″ pin_address=”7401 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.5612623″ pin_address_lng=”-97.6437593″]

PepBoys Auto Parts & Service


My cousin, my three kids, and I had just picked up my nine year old from school. She had taken me to lunch because I’d been having an unlucky week. We saw the picture and drove to two Hibdon’s and a Goodyear place before I decided we should try Pepboys. She went in and I stayed in the car with the kids. She came out holding the box and we all cheered! She gave me the box to open. The earrings have garnet in them which is my oldest son’s birthstone. It made my whole week!

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 9″ pin_address=”5901 NW 39th St, Warr Acres, OK 73122, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.5121453″ pin_address_lng=”-97.61935210000001″]



My fiance found it!

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I’m headed to give it to my Hero.. my mom. I’m going to get it engraved with the grand babies names.
~ Wendy

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Barnes & Noble



Thanks @bcclarkjewelers for the #payitmomward gift @lindsaylucas3 found, it matches my outfit perfect today!

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 12″ pin_address=”1620 S Air Depot Blvd, Midwest City, OK 73110, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.449139″ pin_address_lng=”-97.40554199999997″]

OnCue Gas Station



Thank you BC Clark for these beautiful Mothers Day earrings!
~ Brook

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 13″ pin_address=”6816 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.54110550000001″ pin_address_lng=”-97.52945799999998″]

Earl’s Rib Palace


I absolutely love them! I’ve been watching this contest for a couple years, and I could never leave work to go look! I’m pregnant with baby #3 and told my fiancé I didn’t want anything for Mother’s Day other than time with family! We have to save $ for the baby! Im so thankful for BC Clark for making my Mother’s Day special! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ?

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 14″ pin_address=”1801 S Telephone Rd, Moore, OK 73160, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.323254″ pin_address_lng=”-97.49494500000003″]

Okie Express Auto Wash


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

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St Anthony Hospital


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 16″ pin_address=”W Reno Ave @ Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.464255″ pin_address_lng=”-97.51459999999997″]

Chesapeake Energy Arena – Thunder vs Spurs Game 3


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 17″ pin_address=”3701 S Lake Hefner Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.5469384″ pin_address_lng=”-97.58345529999997″]

Stars & Stripes Park


Recipient has not yet shared any information.

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RIVERSPORT Rapids – Grand Opening Festival



It was a necklace and bracelet set! I got there just as a woman’s daughter handed it to her after finding it in the playground toy boat. She didn’t know anything about the contest. She offered to split it with me since she doesn’t wear necklaces, to pay it forward. What a great story!!

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 19″ pin_address=”2200 S Holly Ave, Yukon, OK 73099, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.482252″ pin_address_lng=”-97.74963100000002″]

Yukon City Park – Festival of the Child


Yippee!! My sister just picked it up for me!!  Thanks BC Clark I’m going to pay it momward and give them to my great grandma!!!

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin title=”Gift 20″ pin_address=”Myriad Botanical Gardens, 301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, USA” pin_address_lat=”35.464273″ pin_address_lng=”-97.51789789999998″]

Myriad Botanical Gardens


Thanks @bcclarkjewelers! We found our #payitmomward gift on our walk through the Myriad Botanical Gardens! This is going to make my mom’s 1st mother’s day extra special.

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