Gift #1

Location: Homegoods in Norman

Recipient Comments: “I am a mother of two children. I have Lily,13, and Connor,7. I definitely will be keeping this! I’ve been trying since you started this deal to get one of these! Is it okay to say,” I kinda deserve this?!” My son,Connor, was born with several health issues and developed resistant epilepsy around 2. We spend lots of time at doctor’s appointments and therapies. My daughter is very busy with activities. I volunteer at church, work part time, and homeschool my kids. I spend so much time doing for others it is so nice to have this! Mother’s Day hasn’t been the same since 2003 when I lost my mom way too young. I grew closer with my maternal grandmother when I had my daughter and was her caregiver until last April. I love my mother-in-law but it’s def been hard losing my mom and now grandma. This year in January I made a decision to start doing more for myself and doing things I enjoy. I learned to sew, read often, and do special things for me. I’m so grateful for this gift!”

Church or Charity: Triumph Family Worship

Gift #2

Location: Gift Shop – Science Museum Oklahoma 

Recipients Comments: “I found it at the science museum, it is beautiful thank you!”

Church or Charity: Saint Judes

Gift #3

Location: Quail Springs Mall 

Recipient Comments: “I was walking in the Quail Springs Mall and saw this box sitting in a plant. I’m nosy so investigated and read the box. Then two people rushed over to me and asked to take my picture because they placed it! I’m not a mom so I’ll pay it momward to my mother.”

Church or Charity: Pets and people Yukon Oklahoma


Gift #4

Location: Hafer Park

Recipient Comments: This gift has not been claimed yet. 

Gift #5

Location: The Red Barn at Waldo Pond

Recipient Comment: This gift has not been claimed yet.

Gift #6

Location: Cinco de Mayo Festival – Oklahoma River near Wiley Post Park

Recipient Comments: This gift has not been claimed. 

Gift #7

Location: At Home

Recipient Comments: “I would love to pass this gift to my mother, but unfortunately, she isn’t with me anymore. But this is a beautiful bracelet and I am a mother to a wonderful son, that makes me very proud to be his mother, so I will be keeping it for myself. AND my birthday is tomorrow so Happy Birthday to me also. Lol

I have never been given any gift from a jewelry store in my entire life (not even my wedding ring) and I will be 62 tomorrow, so I will treasure this gift and to think it comes from BC Clark my favorite Christmas Jingle Commercial song”

Church or Charity: Sisu Youth

Gift #8

Location: Moore Public Library

Recipient Comments: ” I’m a homeschool mom of 7. We were returning our mountains of overdue library books and picking new ones when my oldest called my attention to a sweet little package on the shelf. I had been down that aisle a couple of times looking for a book for another one of the kids. I am feeling truly blessed. I never expected such a gift on what was just another ordinary errand. Thank you, BC Clark, for a beautiful necklace!! Every time I wear it I’ll remember this Mother’s Day and the unexpected blessing found during what started out as any other day.”


Charity or Church: Frontline church, South location

Gift #9

Location: Orthodontic Associates

Recipient Comments: “I found these beautiful earrings!! I may be giving them to my mother for Mother’s Day! Thank you so much BC Clark for making Mother’s Day even more special!”

Charity or Church: Infant Crisis Center

Gift #10

Location Hidden: OU Children’s Hospital 

Recipient Comments: “I’m a new mom to a handsome boy who’s had a really rough start. We’ve been on the nicu and admitted into the hospital twice. We’ve struggled with weight gain and just being sick in general so it’s so nice to be able to get a special gift this Mother’s Day since money has been so tight. God is good all the time and all the time god is good”

Charity or Church: Triumph Family Worship

Gift #11

Location Hidden: Walmart – Del City

Recipient Comments: ” I’m going to give it to my mom. Thank you so much!”

Charity or Church: 

Gift #12

Location Hidden: Eldon Lyon Park

Recipient Comment: This gift has not yet been claimed.

Gift #13

Location Hidden: Bricktown Ballpark

Recipient Comment: This gift has not yet been claimed. 

Gift #14

Location Hidden: Mustang Ballpark

Recipient Comments: This gift has not yet been claimed. 


Gift #15

Location: Once Upon A Child

Recipient Comments: We always love trying to figure out the clues. I blessed my sister, who is the mother of a 16 mo old girl with this gift. Thanks for making our Mother’s Day special.

Church or Charity: Crossroads Church Children’s Ministry

Gift #16

Location: YMCA – Mitch Park

Recipient Comments: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you! I’ve been looking for these ever since it started. And, I’ve always been at work. But, I finally found it! So excited!

Church or Charity:


Gift #17

Location: TLC Garden Center

Recipient Comments: I had to work Saturday at Wiley Post Airport. My wife let me know that another BC Clark Pay It Momward gift was out. Looking at the photo, I thought that it could be located at TLC Garden Center on NW Expressway, near my place of work. I took a break and drove there and found a beautiful bracelet! I will be giving this to my Mother-in-Law, Karen. She is a wonderful lady who has not had the opportunity to be showered with beautiful jewelry as she was raising two girls. Karen is a fantastic Mother, Grandmother and Mother-in-Law.
Thanks BC Clark Jewelers! You are the jeweler of choice for me and my family. My wife and I love our wedding rings and she loves wearing the other jewelry she has purchased from you over the years. We would like the bonus donation to go to The Curbside Chronicle, a local organization that helps our local homeless population. Curbside is the charity that is nearest to our hearts.

Church or Charity: The Curbside Chronicle

Gift #18

Location: Chick-Fil-A

Recipient Comments: Pleasant surprise at a table in Chick-Fil-A (Yukon). At first I thought that someone had left it and I was about to take it to the register to give it to management, but then I read the slip and realized I was supposed to open it. I am a mom of 4 and love my babies more than anything. This was a lovely surprise this Mother’s Day. Thank you!

Church or Charity: ASPCA

Gift #19

Location Hidden: Will Rogers Gardens

Recipient Comments: “Found it at Will Rogers Park! Thanks, BC Clark Jewelers what a cool idea! #payitmomward

Charity or Church: 

Gift #20

Location Hidden: Oklahoma City Street Car

Recipient Comments: “Mom and I were out for Mother’s Day brunch and a ride on the streetcar (something new for her to experience) when she found the gift”

Charity or Church: Oklahoma United Methodist Circle of Care