Gift #1

Recipients Comments: It was just a beautiful day and I was hanging out with my daughter when I saw the post. I asked my daughter if she wanted to go look for it with me and she was super excited about the hunt! So after careful inspection of the photo, we headed to the boathouse. This was our first time ever searching and we found it! We were both so very excited, but decided to wait to open it until we got home so we could open it with my husband! Then, when I saw the earrings were my birthstone, it seemed like it was meant to be. It was a great day walking the river with my daughter!

Charity of Choice: Positive Tomorrows 

Gift #2

Recipients Comments:

I would like you to donate to celebrating together Organization (Rhonda Split) they work with people with down syndrome and special needs. 

Charity of Choice: Celebrating Together

Gift #3

Recipients Comments:

I have been following the drops for a long time! I am so excited to finally have found one! I got lucky on this one. I had just left the Edmond Arts Festival and I just so happen to know the person who painted the mural in the background. I am a mom of 2. My daughter is 11 and my son is 3. I am a special education teacher.

Charity of Choice: Special Care Inc

Gift #4

Recipient Comments:

I was having a rough night/morning. Was running low on gas so decided to get some on my lunch break at work. A person took the spot I was pulling into so I had to go around and found another pump. As luck would have it, I saw a little box at the gas pump I pulled into. I just got divorced and moved into a new house this week, so finding this little surprise unexpectedly, really made my day.

Charity of Choice: Autism Foundation of Oklahoma

Gift #5

Recipients Comments: It was great to find the gift.I love playing the game every year and it couldn’t be a better time for me to find one. My husband is in rehab right now and it’s just me and the kiddos. When I’m off my 11-year-old helps me find them but I got this one at work today.

Charity of Choice: Council Road Baptist Church

Gift #6

Recipient Comments: I’ve been following this since you started this fun scavenger hunt & hoping to find one. Just the other day I mentioned to my family that I hoped this was the year. I live in Yukon so when I saw this post I just had an idea where it was & I just so happen to work right down the road from the park. This was so fun & brought a smile to my day!!! I would like you to donate to an organization that’s desire is to help provide mental health services to those who cannot afford it.

Charity of Choice: 

Gift #7

Recipient’s Comments: Found this beautiful gift in Midwest City! I immediately knew that it was in the shopping center and was so excited to find this!

Charity of Choice: Infant Crisis Center

Gift #8

Recipients Comments: I found this gift at Integris Cancer Center on Memorial and McArthur. I am a mother and grandmother. I will pay to pay it forward – – I have two brothers fighting cancer now and I’m going to send it to my sister-in-law who has been such a great help for my brother. My other brother’s wife passed away 20 months ago.

Charity of Choice: Catholic Charities

Gift #9

Recipient Comments: This gift has not yet been claimed. 

Gift #10

Recipient’s Comments: I was going grocery shopping after work, just needed a few things for dinner. I was hungry and tired. I parked next to the cart return area, and I looked up. I saw a small white box with a bow on it. I thought, “Someone must have purchased something and forgotten it in their cart.” I went over to look at it to see if there was any way I could try to find the person it was, but then I saw the tag on it that said, “If you’ve found this, it’s your…OPEN IT.” So I popped it in my bag and went inside to get my groceries before opening it. When I got done, I sat in my car and looked at it again. Then I opened it and I was so surprised to see a pair of earrings inside. I am not a mother, but I passed it onto someone who is, and is an exceptional mom at that. I’m sure she will be very surprised to receive this. Thank you!

Gift #11

Recipients Comments: I was just leaving work when I saw the clue on social media. My first guess was TLC and I knew I had just enough time to check on my way to pick up my boys. When I saw how full the parking lot was at TLC, I almost didn’t stop. There were so many people and I figured it was too late. Once inside, I had to search a little to find the flower pots, but I got so excited when I got closer and saw the gift sitting there. My hands were shaking as I opened it, and I was so excited to win. As someone who was sad for many years every Mother’s Day due to my difficulties having children, I feel so blessed now to be a mom of two wonderful little boys (ages 2 & 5). Thank you BC Clark!

Charity of Choice: YWCA of Oklahoma City

Gift #12

Recipients Comments: My daughter, Cora, and I were in Norman for a mommy/daughter date and we found the little white gift at the fountain area in the shopping center. It was so special to find it with my five-year-old daughter who made me a mommy (she has a twin brother but he was home with dad). May is a special month for us because it is Mother’s Day, our wedding anniversary, Cora (and Leif) birthday and my birthday. So it was exciting to receive something extra special for an extra special month!

Charity of Choice: Everlasting Gospel Lighthouse


Gift #13

Recipients Comments: We happened to be downtown and I have been keeping up with the drops. I happened to check to see if a drop was posted. I was down the street from the Munciple Courthouse and found it. I have been wanting to find a BC Clark’s gift ever since the company started doing it. I am going to payitmomward to my mom because she works hard and been there for me.

Charity of Choice: Feed the Children

Gift #14

Recipients Comments: Hi! First of all thank you for the fun time – watching for posts & working with my Mother to find the drops. We knew of 2 spots leading up to this find but couldn’t get to them before others did. Mom notified me “Another jewelry drop about 7 minutes ago…. See Messenger.” We guessed the museum so I Googled it & immediately saw we were right. I live near Penn Square so it’s not far! I RAN out the door & scooted to the Science Museum to find a front row parking spot! I stepped out & towards the blue hue overhang & sure enough there was a white bow shining bright on a bench. There was no one to beat to it but this Momma still took off running, arms up high in excitement, haha! Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Charity of Choice: St. Jude Children’s Cancer

Gift #15

Recipients Comments: I’ve been following your posts and today I knew exactly where it was when I saw it. I’d been gardening and wasn’t going to look. Assumed it would be gone. My husband and son decided to give it a shot and drove to Will Rogers Park and it was still there! Such a fun and exciting Mother’s Day!

Charity of Choice: The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help