Gift #1 - Chicken N Pickle

Recipient Comment: “Doing what I love the most! Putting my friend’s baby to sleep and being a mama! While at the OKC Blogger Closet Sale at Chicken N Pickle, I found the first Pay it Momward gift! Seriously Thank you!!!”

Local Charity or Church:  Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

Gift #2 - Bedlam Baseball

Recipient Comment: My daughter went to look for me and she found it!

Local Charity or Church:

Gift #3 - Mitch Park

Recipient comment: I was sitting at home with my two boys and saw the post and just figured Mitch Park so I loaded them up and started driving and found it!

Local charity or church: NewSong Church

Gift #4 - Pediatric Dental Associates of Central OK

Recipient Comment: I found one of your gifts outside of my work @ Pediatric Dental Specialists of Central Oklahoma-Dr. Brent Moody & Dr. Somer Heim. I did have some help from one of our patients sweet Mom who called me to let me know it was outside! I was very thankful for that! My co-worker and I were excited for #payitmomward to start so we could keep an eye out for a gift and surprise one was right at our doorstep!! Thank you for this gift! Like many others 2020 was not kind to us. We lost my dad to cancer in July 2020 and all the stress has caused so much weird health issues for me, even my hair started falling out! Thank you for these amazing gifts to Mother’s all around our area! I truly appreciate my new earrings and I cannot wait to show them off! Also, thank you for the donation to a charity! Thank you!!!

Local charity or church: American Cancer Society

Gift #5 - OKC Zoo

Recipient Comment: This gift has not yet been reported.

Gift #6 - Chisholm Creek

Recipient Comments: I had just left Apple Tree Chocolate in Chisholm Creek to go sit by the water and saw a gift box in the planter! I was not aware of BC Clark’s #payitmomward gifts. I was very surprised! I’m a mother of 3 ages 26, 23 and 13. Today I received final confirmation of a new job and it’s my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, so it was a very nice ending to the day!

Local charity or church: Safe Haven Animal Rescue

Gift #7: Feria Latina Supermarket

Recipient Comments: This gift has not yet been reported.

Local charity or church:

Gift #8 - Scissortail Park

Recipient Comments: This gift has not yet been reported.

Local charity or church:

Gift #9 - Lowe's Home Improvement

Recipient Comments: This gift has not yet been reported. 

Local charity or church:

Gift #10 - Edmond Railyard

Recipient Comments: ” I found it! In true motherhood fashion, I had a dead phone and a sticky toddler!”

Local charity or church: Kids Joining Eternity in Honor of Frances Grace

Gift #11 - Classen Curve

Recipient Comments: I was working at Red Coyote and knew that background very well! My daughter just happened to be visiting me from school, so I sent her to go find it! Thank you so much, BC Clark! My favorite game of the year.

Local charity or church: 405 Animal Rescue


Gift #12 - Stars and Stripes Park

Recipient Comments: Found at Stars and Stripes Park. Mother of 2, grandmother of 2 and claimed as Momma Maria by too many to count!! I love them all! My greatest accomplishments are my children!

Local charity or church:OKASA Adaptive Sports Program-Wheelchair Basketball Teams coached by Margaret Kierl

Gift #13 - Myriad Botanical Gardens

Recipient Comments: Found it for my sweet momma at the Myriad Botanical Gardens! Thank you BC Clark Jewelers! She’s so excited!!

Local charity or church:

Gift #14 - Little River Park

Recipient Comments: “My daughter missed the one this morning at the myriad gardens as she was there this morning. I got an Instagram notification for this one and was super close. There were others in the pavilion at a table right next to this and had no clue. It had fallen over and was hard to spot. I actually almost missed it 😊thank you! I’m so thankful”

Local charity or church:

Gift #15 - Oklahoma City Outlet Mall

Grand Prize: 
David Yurman Petite Albion earrings in black orchid and diamonds. $1,200 value.

Recipient comment: My wife and I were going back in the outlet mall after leaving the Disney store when we found it. We actually thought someone lost their gift till we read the label. My wife was so happy. It was a perfect Mother’s Day, my wife and I also found out our son and daughter in-law are going to have their first child. Thank you BC Clark!

Local charity or church: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital