Gift #1

Date: 5/5/17
Location: Party Galaxy

Recipient comment:  Best First Mothers Day ever! ??

Gift #2

Date: 5/5/17
Location: Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

Recipient comment: Thank you, B.C. Clark! I love my new Mother’s Day earrings! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to show them off

Gift #3

Date: 5/6/17
Location: Joe B. Barnes Regional Park

Recipient comment: Thank You BC Clark Jewelers

Gift #4

Date: 5/6/17
Location: Statuary World

Gift #5

Date: 5/6/17
Location: Wheeler Park

Recipient comment: Got it! Thank you BC Clark my mom loved it!

Gift #6

Date: 5/7/17
Location: Edmond Arts Festival

Recipient comment: I was at the art festival with my family in Edmond. We sat down to eat a snow cone and my son found a box in his seat. We thought someone lost it and we were going to go turn it in. Then my mother in law saw the tag that said if you found it then it’s yours!! I opened it up and found the earings!!

Gift #7

Date: 5/8/17
Location: Target

Recipient comment: Found it! Thank you @bcclarkjewelers ❤️❤️

Gift #8

Date: 5/8/17
Location: The Lokal

Recipient comment: This gift has not yet been reported.

Gift #9

Date: 5/9/17
Location: Moore Public Library

Recipient comment: Thank you!!! Have been trying for 2 years!!! We are excited!!!

Gift #10

Date: 5/9/17
Location: Campus Corner

Recipient comment: Boomer sooner! Found.  It’s a beautiful necklace. I’m just a cat mom, so this will be going to my sweet mom, Pam. Thanks BC Clark!

Gift #11

Date: 5/10/17
Location: Buy For Less Supermercado

Recipient comment: I found it!!!!! Thank you @bcclarkjewelers

Gift #12

Date: 5/10/17
Location: Once Upon a Child

Recipient comment: I’m a single mother to an adorable two year old boy named Malakai. January 31st I was in a car wreck that totaled my car and caused me to have shoulder surgery so I’ve been unable to play with my son much and it’s crushed me. Today I had my follow up appointment with my doctor and after 6 weeks I was finally able to say goodbye to my sling and was told I could return to work! Then while sitting at my dads house I saw the post and rushed up to Once Upon a Child and found this beautiful necklace and my day couldn’t be any better! I was brought to tears. I’m so thankful for this program and for BC Clark! Today has been amazing!

Gift #13

Date: 5/11/17
Location: Lions Children’s Park at Lake Hefner

Recipient comment: Found!!! Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!!

Gift #14

Date: 5/11/17
Location: Rink Gallery

Recipient comment: Thank you BC Clark, my mom will love it!!

Gift #15

Date: 5/12/17
Location: Collected Thread – Live at the Plaza

Recipient comment: We found the Pay it Momward gift at Collected Thread! My mom just had knee replacement surgery and is recovering at my house. She loved the beautiful necklace! It was a wonderful suprise! She sang the BC Clark jingle when she was trying it on. Thank you BC Clark for making this Mother’s Day memorable!

Gift #16

Date: 5/12/17
Location: Mitch Park

Recipient comment: Found it….Thank you BC Clark!

Gift #17

Date: 5/13/17
Location: Oklahoma City Zoo

Recipient comment: I FOUND IT!!! ???? THANK YOU. I’m on cloud nine!

Gift #18

Date: 5/13/17
Location: Academy Sports & Outdoors

Recipient comment: I had won a gift card to academy through work. There isn’t a lot I like at academy so I had given it to my husband and son to find something they wanted. After being there nearly 2 hours and spending 30 of that looking at baseball gloves I saw the package. I thought someone had forgotten it there. I read the card but still felt awkward like it belonged to someone else. I hadn’t ever heard about pay it momward until after looking it up to make sure it wasn’t just a forgotten gift.

Gift #19

Date: 5/13/17
Location: Memorial Park

Recipient comment: Found it! Thank you BC Clark! Mom will love this!

Gift #20

Date: 5/14/17
Location: Bicentennial Park/Civic Center Music Hall

Recipient comment: I arrived at the Civic Center a little early, and while waiting for my 3 year old granddaughter to arrive, I decided to walk around the front by the water and just enjoy the beauty of it all when I spotted this package sitting on the pedestal. I thought, oh no, someone sat their gift down for whatever reason and then went off and left it. I walked over to it thinking I will take it inside and leave it at the ticket window for its owner to claim. I picked up the gift and saw on the card “Pay it Mom-ward” and “if you’re a mom this gift is for you open it up”. I want to thank BC Clark for this gift which really made my day. The amethyst stone (purple is my favorite color) necklace is just gorgeous. I will wear this every day and have this fond memory of the day I received a special surprise gift from BC Clark.