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DATE:  5/4/18
LOCATION:  Dolese Youth Park
RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  Found it at Dolese Youth Park!!! Paying it forward to a mom that I know❤️ thank you guys for such an amazing opportunity!!

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DATE:  5/4/18
LOCATION:  Cinemark Tinseltown
RECIPIENT COMMENT:  This gift has not yet been reported.

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DATE:  5/5/18
LOCATION:  Yukon City Park – Festival of the Child


RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  I’m a mother to two wonderful young adults. Our family has lived in Yukon for 26 years. When I saw the BC Clark #payitmomward photo, I knew right away that it was taken near the ball fields at the City of Yukon park. I pass by there daily and the yellow edging at the top of the fence is unmistakable. My husband was up for the hunt on a warm Saturday afternoon so we hopped over to the park. Ten minutes later I was amazed to see my husband motion for me to come over. He was carrying a small white box. I was thrilled to find the earrings and pendant set inside. It is such a lovely gesture from BC Clark Jewelers and it was so fun to participate in the hunt. My husband and I have fond memories of BC Clark Jewelers. We picked out our wedding rings at the Windsor store location in 1983. It was our first major purchase together and BC Clark gave us our very first account on credit. Thank you BC Clark, for the memories and the fun.

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DATE:  5/5/18
LOCATION:  Heritage Lanes

RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  Thank you BC Clark. Heritage Lanes

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DATE:  5/5/18

RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  Thanks BC Clark Jewelers!

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DATE:  5/6/18
LOCATION:  Edmond Arts Festival

RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  I found this at the Edmond Art Festival! It is so beautiful! I saw the picture on Facebook and recognized the location right away. It was outside one of the Citizen Bank locations. I recognized the location because I have been the treasurer for my sons swim and soccer teams and they both bank there so I have been to that location many times in the past. I was just at the the main downtown location just yesterday making a deposit for the soccer team. I have followed the event previously and am so excited to find a gift this year. BC Clark, thanks so much for your support of the community and for making moms feel so special each Mother’s Day!

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DATE:  5/7/18
LOCATION:  Mercy Center for Women’s Health

RECIPIENT COMMENTS:  This gift has not yet been reported.

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DATE: 5/7/18
LOCATION:  Kohl’s Midwest City

RECIPIENT COMMENT: Thank you for my beautiful ippolita necklace ! I love it ! I’m a single mom of two. Both are off being awesome adults now! One of my kids lives far away, with no hopes of getting to see him anytime soon. So finding this mother’s day gift definitely helps ease the blow of not getting to spend mother’s day with both of my kids. I actually stayed home from work sick today. I needed to get some medicine from cvs and while I was out, I saw there was a gift drop. I don’t live far from Kohl’s so I decided what the heck I’ll just check. I couldn’t believe I hit the jackpot! – Teresa Groeneveld

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DATE: 5/8/18
LOCATION: Maps 3 Health and Wellness Center
RECIPIENT COMMENT: Oh my goodness! Found at the Maps3 Health and Wellness Center on N Rockwell! Thank you so much BC Clark

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DATE: 5/8/18
LOCATION: Myriad Gardens

RECIPIENT COMMENT: Came to yoga, found a treasure!


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DATE: 5/9/18
LOCATION: Sunbeam Family Services

RECIPIENT COMMENT: So gorgeous!!! Thanks BC Clark Jewelers!

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DATE: 5/9/18

RECIPIENT COMMENTS: I’ve been doing this for 3 years with a co-worker I called and told her it’s in an ice machine again, she called me back and asked me to drive to On Cue and see what kind of ice they sell so I did but I decided to stop at Circle K first. I pulled up on my motorcycle and saw the logo and got a little excited and then I thought probably not but I was gonna check anyways. I opened the door and I scream got home and opened it was the piece I wanted if I found one TY BC Clarks it is a pleasure to play every year.

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DATE: 5/10/18

RECIPIENT COMMENT: This gift has not yet been reported.

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DATE: 5/10/18
LOCATION: Mitch Park

RECIPIENT COMMENTS: This gift has not yet been reported.

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DATE: 5/11/18
LOCATION: Big 12 Conference Softball Tournament

RECIPIENT COMMENTS: Found it, thank you BC Clark

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DATE: 5/11/18
LOCATION: Live On the Plaza



RECIPIENT COMMENT: My family was at Live on the plaza tonight and my super hero husband sprinted across the plaza district to get it . We were so proud of him. He’s been trying to get me one all week.

[/et_pb_map_pin][et_pb_map_pin _builder_version=”3.2.2″ zoom_level=”18″ pin_address_lat=”35.32454″ pin_address_lng=”-97.52698299999997″ title=”Gift #17″ pin_address=”14400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73170, USA”]

DATE: 5/12/17
LOCATION: Orr Family Farms

RECIPIENT COMMENT: We have been playing for the last few years and never found one. We are so excited! We had just left chick fil a and were driving down western in our way to my kids soccer. We saw it and knew it was Orr Family Farm. We decided to try but knew it would be close. My husband got out to look while I stayed in the car with the kids. I then parked and got out he hadn’t found it yet. He said to back track where he already looked and it was right there. I was so excited I was squealing in the parking lot!


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DATE: 5/12/18
LOCATION: Taylor Recreation Center & Park

RECIPIENT COMMENTS: I went to visit my mom who lives in the same neighborhood as the park. My daughter called me when I was on my way to her house and told me to go by the park. I didn’t think it was there and figured I would stop by after my quick visit. My daughter called me again while I was there and told me to go that she really thought it was a neighborhood park. I stopped by on my way home and to my surprise it was there. I will be splitting these between my 2 daughters and daughter in law. They will love them. Thanks BC Clark!

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DATE: 5/12/18
LOCATION: Okie Made Market – Film Row


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DATE: 5/13/18
LOCATION: Wheeler Park

RECIPIENT COMMENT: This gift has not yet been reported.